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The Martian

No Comments 10 October 2015

The Martian

The Martin is the third Hollywood film in little over a year about space travel. So I was a bit worried. Would it be too similar to Gravity or Interstellar to be enjoyable?

Yes, there is overlap in their storylines: In all three movies the space travelers run into life threatening problems. But The Martian takes us on a journey that feels different. For one, this time we are on Mars. This red planet made a big splash in the news recently when an unmanned spacecraft found evidence of water on the planet, boosting the hope that we will be able to colonize the red planet some day in the future. This has been mission of NASA for some time. The movie takes place sometime in the future. NASA has successfully sent a crew the Mars but one evening a storm comes threatening the lives of all crew members. To not spoil your experience, I will not say more about the plot. This film is Hollywood entertainment at its best. For me, Matt Damon gave the best performance of his career. Watching him act is already worth the movie ticket. What I found particularly appealing about The Martin is that it is quite a bit funnier than Gravity or Interstellar.



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