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Inside Out

No Comments 17 October 2015

Inside Out

What makes my personality? Why do I sometimes feel so happy and at other times sad? Why can I not completely control my emotions? What is determining how I feel in a particular moment?

Why am I not as irritable as the fellow next door who the other day screamed to his girlfriend at the top of his lungs, “Get into this car!” Why do I remember some events from childhood vividly that left no impression on my siblings? Why can I not remember other events that meant so much to them? Inside Out is Pixar’s charming answer to these questions. Many movies are written by one or a two people. A large team of writers developed the script for Inside Out, which is once again an creative tour de force. The animated film opens with Riley being born as the first daughter into a Midwestern family. We follow her grow up very happily because Joy is able to keep Anger, Fear, Sadness under control. But when her father is transferred to San Francisco, her emotional life thrown up side down. The Pixar team takes us on an amazing journey behind the scenes Riley’s emotions. This is a great film for the entire family to watch.



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