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The Gods Must be Crazy (I and II)

No Comments 21 September 2013

The Gods Must be Crazy (I and II)

Many moons ago, I heard about a comedy in which a Coke bottle plays an essential role. A Coke bottle is dropped out of an airplane and falls from the sky into the hands of a primitive tribe that had never had contact with civilization. So tribesmen think that “Gods must be crazy” for dropping such an object.

I have now watched the film and its sequel. Although Part 2 returns to the themes of Part 1 and does not break that much new ground, you actually laugh more. The reason to see Part 1 is not because you are looking for comedy. The film is interesting because it portrays how hunter-gatherers society lived and survived in small family band up to 15 people. The film uses a comedy to show us how bushman in the Kalahari dessert had a very content life without Coke, cars, refrigerators, toilets. So the question is: Do we really need all the stuff we accumulate? The Bushman in the Southern part of Africa are the ancestors of all human beings around the world. So if you want to see your relatives from Africa, watch this film. Admittedly, the film romanticizes their life because it never shows us what happens when someone gets sick or when a rival groups competing for a food source. But after all, this is a comedy and documentary.

More info on the bushmen in Wikipedia.



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