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Blue Jasmine

No Comments 22 September 2013

Blue Jasmine

Perhaps the single best decision Woody Allen made to get back his creativity was to move the location of his movies out of New York. Blue Jasmine takes place mainly in San Francisco although there are periodic flashbacks to New York and its summer playground, the Hamptons.

Jasmine has hit rock bottom. Formerly married to a high-flying businessman, who turned out to be a crook and a philanderer.  Jasmine has become mentally quite unstable. She is taking drugs to keep it together, but nonetheless she is frequently talking to herself about events that happened in the past. She arrives broke in San Francisco to live with her sister and rebuild her life. Allen borrowed from the play A Street Car Named Desire to construct the relationship of Jasmine, her sister Ginger and Ginger’s boyfriend Chili. But it does not feel like he is simply copying the play. Allen has his creative mojo back. Cate Blanchett’s absolutely stunning performance as Jasmine alone makes the film worth seeing.



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