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Soul Kitchen

No Comments 21 April 2013

Soul Kitchen

This is the third Faith Aitken film that I laid eyes on. It is more playful than the first two. The story is weakly held together by the trials and tribulations of a German Greek restaurant owner, Zinos, who is trying to make a living with his restaurant located in on old Hamburg warehouse.

Although coming from a lower class immigrant family with a brother in jail for theft, Zinos managed to become the boyfriend of girl from a patrician Hamburg family, who is not happy that her boyfriend puts his restaurant before their relationship. But for him the restaurant symbolizes having built an independent economic life in Germany. So she takes a job as a correspondent in Shanghai. In the meantime Zino follows the advice of chef to change the menu from traditional foods to something more extravagant, the traditional clients revolts and our hero faces his greatest challenges yet.  The real glue in the film is music. It is fun to watch out the director build the film around popular American music of the 1960s, 70s and 80s. The film is billed as a comedy but it is more music film. If you enjoy music and want some light entertainment, this film is for you.



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