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Skyfall, Alex Cross, Pitch Perfect

No Comments 22 April 2013

Skyfall, Alex Cross, Pitch Perfect

Over the past couple of months, I saw three films that I still need to briefly review. Skyfall. I resisted watching another installment of James Bond but friends vouched that it is really good entertainment.

I then found myself on the plane with a few hours squeezed into a small seat and my resistance melted. The producers of the Bond series in the past have kept the character physically young by replacing aging actors with younger faces. But this time around Bond looks quite old and tired.  The movie feels different because Bond struggles simply staying fit. It also feels different because this time around London and the secret service itself comes under attack. Is this a film you have see?  No! Is it boring? No. Will you remember it for decades to come? No. On my returned flight, I watched Alec Cross over dinner. Whereas 88% of audiences liked Skyfall and the Bond flik received average of rating 8.2 out of 10 across hundreds of critics, Alex Cross was liked only by 50% and received an average rating of 3.5 out of 10 by the universe of critics.  Now, that is unfair. If Alex Cross had the marketing dollar of a Bond Movie behind it, it would certainly have received better ratings, closer to Skyfall. Alex Cross is a Ph.D. psychologist and homicide detective who is trying to stop a series of killings in Detroit only to find himself and his family under attack from the killer. Just like James Bond it is lightly entertaining on a flight before you lay done to sleep for a while. Pitch Perfect feels a lot like the TV show Glee. Just as in in Glee, the story line is a bit lame but the singing and the music is pleasure for the ears.



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