Rupert Murdoch Marries Jerry Hall

No Comments 13 March 2016

Rupert Murdoch Marries Jerry Hall

I am busy keeping my eyes on the Donald Trump’s fascist threat to the United States.

Yesterday at Trump rally a support made a Hitler salute only to disavow it later as being taken entirely out of context.

At this point I am fairly certain that he will the Republican nomination, facing Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. I am also fairly confident that we will suffer President Trump because he would have to win 70% percent of white males to make up for all the women and minorities he has already offended. But so many people have been wrong about Trump ’s chances that I will be nervous until the election is over in November. Chicago Salute

I have never been much a fan of Rupert Murdoch’s political views but, compared to Trump, Murdoch now looks like a completely reasonable fellow. If you have read my blog for some year, you will recall that I have reported on how committed Rupert is to the institution of marriage (see my blog entry RUPERT MURDOCH’S FAMILY VALUES). A week ago, Murdoch married again. This time, Mick Jagger’s long-time partner Jerry Hall. Murdoch is 84 years old and once again he proves that he truly believes in the institution of marriage even if there is clearly a short live together ahead. But why did Jerry Hall want to marry. Her marriage to Mick Jagger was declared null in void in her divorce battle with Mick. This means she was never properly married even and people speculated that being properly married once in her life has a certain attraction. In any case, Murdoch and Hall tied the knot last week in London in the presence of 10 of their children from previous relationship. I told you this story is a nice break from the Donald Trump nightmare.



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