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If you know a lot about Apple and Walter Isaacson’s official biography of Steve Jobs, the question you would have is: How will Aaron Sorkin turn Isaacson’s biography into a film script?

The film focuses on three product launches (the original Mac in 1984, The Next Cube in 1988, and iMac in 1997) and takes place entirely behind the stage of these events without ever showing the events. Sorkin did a radical surgery of the book, stripping it down to one theme. For this reason, the film will no be watched in 100 years to understand the role of Steve Jobs in the personal computing revolution. It will only be watched by people who want to understand the psychology of Jobs and by film script writers who want to learn from Sorkin. I think Sorkin penetrated the essence of Jobs emotional side. However, he got the history of Jobs as a corporate strategist quite wrong. Sorkin asserts that Jobs only created Next to design an operating system that Apple would later have to buy. This is clearly wrong. Jobs wanted the Next computer to succeed and when it failed, he finally learned a lesson that had not learned when he was fired from Apple. This enabled to lead Apple to become the most valuable company in the world today.



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