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Mistress America

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Mistress America

When they leave to home and become freshmen at college many people feel out of place. Tracy enrolls in Barnard College in Manhattan but finds it difficult to make friends. She is rejected from the student writers’ society.

For a few days she becomes friendly with a boy who is also rejected from the same society. She gets her hopes up only to find them dashed after a few days: the guy shows up with another girl who he has chosen to be his girlfriend. Tracy is again alone. Then something expected happens. Her mother is planning to remarry in a few weeks and suggests that Tracy contact the 30-year-old daughter of her future husband who also happens to live in New York. Brooke never went to college and is pursuing many different occupations. She is the exact opposite of Tracy. Because Tracy is bored with college and finds Brooke much more interesting, she starts hanging out with her all the time and get’s involved in Brooke’s seemingly endless new ventures. In the genre of college experience films, this one sits in a special category because it does not play on the contrast between the nerds and cool people. Even Tracy is not cool. The film is a lot more poetic and I enjoyed listing to the words that were spoken as the writing is so good. The setting and topic is reminiscent of Woody Allen movies but a different sensibility has written the script.



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