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Before we go

No Comments 8 December 2015

Before we go

Movies exist since 1894. Some critics believe that all possible topics for films have already been covered and that all new films are remakes, at best variation on the theme rather than truly new ideas. Before we go certainly falls in this category.

It covers the same territory as Before sunrise and its sequel Before sunset. Notice that even the three titles bear a striking resemblance. Two strangers meet in a city (this time is its is not Vienna or Paris but New York). They walk and talk all night and fall in love. If I remember it correctly, sparks were flying a bit more the earlier versions of walking the city by night. They also were more philosophical. Before we go takes a different approach. It throws more hurdles (e.g. purse is stolen, credit cards do not work) in front of our hero and heroine as they navigate through New York City that evening. The best part of Before we go was the ending. Will our lovers ever meet again? We may find out in a few years when the sequel of Before we go will perhaps come out. I already have a title for it: Before we commit. And yes, I would watch it if I am sitting again on the plane looking for some distraction before landing.



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