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Helmut Schmidt turns 95

No Comments 24 December 2013

Helmut Schmidt turns 95

On the occasion on his 95th birthday (23. December 1918), German public television produced and televised a docudrama of the life of the former German chancellor Helmut Schmidt.

Lebensfragen (The big questions of life) is based on a long interview and the reenactment of the highlights of Schmidt’s life. The interview was conducted by the editor-in-chief, Giovanni di Lorenzo, of the German weekly Die Zeit. Given that it is difficult to show a life in 90 minutes, I thought the effort was a success. Clearly the film would have never been made had Schmidt not been the fifth chancellor of post-World War II Germany. So it is perhaps ironic that the parts of the docudrama that moved me the least was the years when Schmidt was the leading politician of Germany. Watching him grow up during the War and watching him grow old and lose the love of his life was far more interesting that seeing the cursory treatment of his years as Germany’s chancellor.  Watch Lebensfragen on the internet.



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