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Eddie the Eagle

No Comments 1 April 2016

Eddie the Eagle

I did not expect too much from Eddie the Eagle and was pleasantly surprised how it turned out. The film falls in the genre turn-the-life-of-a-sports-hero-into-a-movie.

Three years ago, Rush dramatized with some success the relationship between two Formula 1 racers—Niki Lauda and James Hunt (see my Review]). Eddie the Eagle is a lot quieter and it is also funnier. Eddie never becomes a superstar as Niki Lauda did. He is simply a kid with a big dream. The film is inspired by a true story. The emphasis here is only “inspired” and not “based” on a true story. To make the film more dramatic its takes many artistic liberties with the plot. I do not want to give away the story. All I can say this: it is heart-warming flick. For some perhaps a bit too cheesy but I enjoyed seeing this surprising story.



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