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Blood Diamond

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Blood Diamond

If you are about to get married and want to celebrate this significant event with a diamond, I do not recommend you watch Blood Diamond. Your enthusiasm for diamonds will be greatly diminished. You will no longer sing, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” It is hard to get the idea out of one’s head because of these sparkling objects many people to lost their lives and one may literally wear blood on one’s hands. We also learn how prices for diamonds are kept artificially high because large companies buy up supply and store tons of diamonds in vaults. The film tells a very good story that seems to be in large measure true.

I need to warn you that it is very violent, but it almost has to be to convey its message.  What is perhaps most appealing about this film is that no character is portrayed as being fully good and bad.  There is a line in the film spoken by Leonardo DiCaprio, who plays a morally corrupted diamond smuggler, which stuck in my mind:  “God has forgotten Africa a long time ago.”  If you want to see an action movie with raises important moral questions,  this is a film for you.



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