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Baby Driver

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Baby Driver

Baby Driver is fresh. It mixes genres action movie, crime and love story, and music video. Baby, a taciturn man in his early twenties, lost his mother and father in a car accident when he was about 10. The parents were fighting in the front seats, shouted at each other, and she did see the breaking truck. Baby sitting in the back, saw it all and—bam—was an orphan.

Ever since Baby has a ringing in his ears and is listening to an iPod all day long.  His way to be with his dead mother, who was singer, is to create music mixes.  He has another more dangerous hobby.  He also gets caught up in crime as the driver for an ever-changing crew of bank robbers. The movie is a lot of fun. Angel Elgar, the 24-year old New Yorker who plays Baby, does a splendid job playing the taciturn music mixer who falls in love for the first time.  Millions of girls around the world are already in love with him and Hollywood hopes it has found the new James Dean or Marlon Brando. Maybe, Baby.



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