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In 2004, I reported this story, “TWINS REUNITE AFTER 20 YEARS about twins who were separated at birth and found about each much later. The story repeated itself in 2013. This time the girls are not living in the same city about half way around the world.

A friend of Anais discovers via a youtube video a girl who looks just like Anais but is called Samantha. Anais contacts Samantha and three days after this initial encounter Samantha and her boyfriend start filming what happens next. To make this documentary, Samantha put the project on Kickstarter and got it funded through 1243 individual contributions. If I had known about it earlier, I would have backed it as well. Hi! I’m Samantha Futerman…one of the twins..ters. smile I am beyond stoked to get this documentary off the ground. I’ve been on a crazy emotional rollercoaster and it’s been INSANE. Thank you for stopping by! I hope that we reach our goals and are able to share our story with all of you. The product is fascinating. Perhaps particularly so for people who are not twins. It gives you a strong glimpse what you would feel if you suddenly found out you had a twin.



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