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Toy Story

No Comments 25 July 2013

Toy Story

I only discovered Pixar films when Finding Nemo came out in 2003. Now I have finally had a chance to see Pixar’s first full-feature film, Toy Story.

It is not as good as the best Pixar movies but it is enjoyable. I wonder how children react to toys coming alive? Will they look differently at their own toys after seeing the film?  Adults cannot fail to notice an important theme in the film: how mean children can be. Woody, the hero among the toy characters, definitely has a mean streak to him that only softens as the films rolls on. Are children on average meaner than adult’s. The answer of the film is “yes.” I also have observed some people becoming much “nicer” adults but I have no idea whether it is generally true that people become nicer as they grow up.



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