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The Great Beauty

No Comments 22 March 2015

The Great Beauty

If you want to see a film that is a genuine piece of art, you could not go wrong with The Great Beauty (La Grande Bellezza). Many European attempts to make an “artistic” rather than “commercial” film fail miserably. Breaking the tradition, experimentation for the sake of experimenting often becomes the center of these efforts rather than giving the viewer something new that does not feel artificial and contrived and is enjoyable to watch.

I wanted to see the film because I read that it does a marvelous job in showing the beauty of Rome. Since I wanted to see Rome for me many years, this would provide me the opportunity to see the city from the sofa of my living room. There is a philosophical tension in the film but it did not destroy the pleasure of watching it. On the one hand, the protagonist, who spent to many nights at superficial parties lasting until sunrise, struggles the entire film with the fact that he now feels old and everyone around him seems to be dyeing. On the other hand, the film shows us all these beautiful places in Rome that go back 2000 years and have not lost their beauty.  Rome is the quintessential proof that old age can very beautiful. If you want to see a film that is different from anything that you have seen before, rent The Great Beauty.



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