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The Dressmaker

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The Dressmaker

Kate Winslet became famous 20 years ago for her leading role in the blockbuster Titanic which is still the 2nd highest grossing film of all time. I wanted to walk out of Titanic because the love story at the center of the film felt superficial and was getting in the way of telling the story about the ship disaster.

Hence my views on Winslet as an actress were ambivalent at best. Over the past twenty years, however, Winslet has proven that she is a formidable actress. In The Dressmaker she joins a smaller film penned by an Australian novelist. The film will not draw in the mass audience of Titanic. But unlike Titanic the story feels fresh: A fashionable women returns to her small hometown somewhere in dry countryside of Australia. Why would she move back from Paris where she learned how to make stunning dresses to this isolated country town? Gradually we learn that she did not leave voluntarily. She returned to find out what really happened before she was sent away as a young teenager. The film is fun to watch because it portrays small town life not through rosy glasses and shuns an easy happy ending.



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