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Searching for Sugar Man

No Comments 15 May 2014

Searching for Sugar Man

I learned about this documentary in the wake of a sad event: Its maker, Malik Bendjelloul, committed suicide two days ago. The film won the Oscar for best documentary in 2012.

For this reason the death of Malik Bendjelloul was covered in all the major newspapers the world over. The film is about a singer and songwriter, Rodriguez, who many people believed would become very popular in the USA but after two albums disappeared from the music scene. I bought the film on iTunes and watched it last night. The folks who have claimed that this is best documentary ever are not exaggerating. The story told in the film is an amazing tale. It is clearly one of best documentary ever made that you must see. Malik Bendjelloul is an artist. When he ran out of money making the film, he used his iPhone to shoot the remaining interviews. I am not sure if it is any consolation for his friends and family to know that Bendjelloul with this one film achieved what any artist only hope to achieve in a lifetime. I am still stunned and high from watching the film. Malik, RIP.

After watching the film you may want to sign to petition to honor Rodriguez at the Kennedy Center. Sign

Postscript: The Hollywood report searched for why Malik Bendjelloul killed himself by interviewing his friends. The cause of death should be called: Becoming famous too quickly after doing a piece of work that probably cannot be matched. Read story.



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