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What a story amazing story from India! Rarely was I so moved. A five-year-old boy insists that his older brother take him to his secret night work. They sneak out their mother’s house but before long the little boy is too tired to continue on. So the older brother leaves the younger brother behind at a train station and tells him not to move until he is back. When the little brother wakes up and his older brother has not returned and he starts searching for his older brother.

He looks in a train and stays there as he cannot find his brother. Suddenly the doors close and the train leaves, taking the boy 1500 kilometers away from home where people speak a completely different that he cannot understand. We now see beautifully shot scenes how this little boy tries to survive away from home all alone. Everything is perfect about the film until the action moves to Australia. The film is based on a true story and imperatives of art required that the director leave out parts of the real story to preserved the quality of the first 70 minutes. The end is once again fantastic. You do not want to miss this film. Bring tissues for the tears that may run down your cheek.



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