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Life of Pi

No Comments 10 February 2013

Life of Pi

Typically when we first read a book and then see the film based on the book we are disappointed. In the case of Life of Pi, I enjoyed the 3-D film directed by Ang Lee a lot more than the book, although the film follows the plot quite closely.

Lee creates a stunning visual world. Back when my eyes were focused on the printed page, I found it tedious to read the long description of how a boy was living with a tiger on a small boat. Lee manages to break what could be a very monotonous scene with clever animations that are made even more stunning because they are in 3D.  Even die-hard atheists who might be turned off by the simple argument for faith will enjoy this feast for the eyes. The film softly circles around a deep question that even a secular audience grapples with: When are we justified in giving up hope? The young actor playing Pi wonderfully puts this struggle in his facial expressions.



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