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Keeping up with the Joneses

No Comments 3 April 2017

Keeping up with the Joneses

A middle-age couple drops of their two boys for summer camp. For the first time since the kids were born, the husband and wife are alone. Time for some wild sex and parties? Not really. The two find it difficult to let lose until a new couple moves into the neighborhood.  They seem to have so much more spontaneous affection for each other and seem to lead so interesting lives. They are also so good at everything. I was almost tempted to stop watching the film after 30 minutes or so. It was not clear where the plot was heading. I did not find the film particularly funny. But somewhere, almost half way into the movie, suddenly it becomes clear what the film is all about. Once it reveals its true character, you cannot but laugh and be drawn into its message. I do not want to reveal too much because otherwise you will not be able to experience the surprise that is necessary to enjoy this film.



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