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Jack Reacher, A Perfect Plan (Un Plan Parfait), This is 40

No Comments 25 June 2013

Jack Reacher, A Perfect Plan (Un Plan Parfait), This is 40

Remember the days when everyone in the airplane has to see the same movie. All new planes have personalized entertainment unit, which makes it difficult for movie fans to sleep during a flight. I am getting better at turning of the little screen! Because I had seen many of the new films on offer, I sampled three lesser-known films on recent flights.

I enjoyed Jack Reacher, starring Tom Cruise, more than the recent James Bond installment Skyfall because you did not know where this version of a super hero detective would go.  Before seeing the decent French comedy Un Plan Parfait I had no idea that the female star in this French flick, Diane Kruger, became a star in French films even thought she is German. It seems to be a rule that the first marriage of female members in Isabelle’s family always fails. So when Isabelle wants to marry her long-term boyfriend she decides to quickly marry and divorce a perfect stranger so that her “second” marriage with her boyfriend is going to work. Yes, there is a happy end but it is not what you first think. If I had know that the director of the boring filmThe 40-Year-Old Virgin, Judd Apatow had made This is 40 I would have not watched it. Perhaps for self-therapy, Apatow has is wife and his children act in the film which probably is an exaggeration of his family life. At times it is funny to hear husband and wife, who are both turning 40, swear as if they were teenagers as they are encountering the challenge of married life with two kids and financial troubles loving ever larger.



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