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Nelson Mandela’s story from political prisoner to President of South Africa is an amazing story. Invictus tries to show how he used the almost all white South African rugby team to help unify the country by having the majority of black South Africans rout for the national rugby they previously despised because they symbolize their oppressors.

When I read a review that hailed the film as an inspiring film I put it on my list to see. I cannot recommend you should do the same. Every politician knows that being seen as liking a sport that the entire country is crazy about is a good political move. The German chancellor shows up at every major German national soccer team and gives a pep talk in to he players in the locker room (see the documentary “[url=Deutschland ein Sommermärchen” on how the German soccer team experienced the soccer world cup in Germany in 2006). Indeed, it would have been more interesting to see a documentary how Mandela and the captain of the South African Rugby team worked together to bring about change in the attitude of white and black people. As a motion picture the film lacks drama and feels staged. Lincoln showed how one can turn a the life of a politician into drama. This film once again proves that when Clint Eastwood has a good script, his films are superb. When the story is badly written, his films are flat.



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