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Here is my guide on how to get the maximum enjoyment out of watching Interstellar.

1. Watch it in an Imax theatre to see it on biggest screen possible. 
2. Pick a day when you have very little to do. The film is 3 hours long.
3. Take a bottle of water with you into the cinema to refresh yourself. The film breaks new ground compared to 2001 Space Odyssey or the more recent film Gravity only after 90 minutes.
4. Unless you are an expert on cosmology, the challenges of interstellar travel, and Einstein’s theory of relatively, the film will throw up many interesting questions.  You will receive some good answers by reading a simple explanation how it is possible for time to slow down relative to earth when a traveller is approaching the speed of light (see Guardian article) and what obstacles there are for real interstellar travel (see Wikipedia article).

After you have done all this, you will be in awe that human beings exist at all in this gigantic universe where we have not found evidence of other civilizations. You will also have a new appreciation that we need to make sure that our planet will continue to be hospitable despite global warming and an ever-increasing global population that will put ever more pressure on our limited natural resources.



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