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I am Heath Ledger

No Comments 3 February 2018

I am Heath Ledger

When Heath Ledger died at age 28, I was deeply sad. Very rarely has the death of someone who I did not even personally know affected me so deeply. The talent of Ledger was so extraordinary. When the news of his death traveled around the world, I felt we all had been cheated of a lifetime of spectacular performances that was still was lying ahead for Ledger.

I am Heath Ledger is not a documentary in the typical sense of the word, namely critical evaluation of someone’s life. The film is a tribute to an extraordinary talent by his friends. It turned out that Ledger video filmed himself and his friends since is his teenage years. This provides raw material for showing the man behind the actor. If you are expecting a critical documentary, this film is not for you. For all of us Heath Ledger fans, the film provides a wonderful peek behind the curtain of Ledger’s creativity that you do not want to miss it.



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