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Finding Dori

No Comments 26 June 2016

Finding Dori

All weekend I have been reeling from the Brexit vote shock. The only time my mind could forget this calamity while watching *Finding Dori* at the cinema.

For 90 minutes Pixar took me into a parallel universe created by the wonderful people of Pixar. Every time I see a Pixar film, I have the same reaction. Almost the same words want to flow out of my mouth: The film is brilliant. It is a sequel to Finding Nemo. Unlike many other sequels, it can fully stand on its own. The film works on the adult level because many of us fear our parents will come down with Alzheimer’s. Dori suffers from short term memory loss and we can emphasize with her situation and her quest to find her long-lost parents. This is the movie of the year so far. I want to see Finding Nemo again because my memory of the first film is almost gone. Now my mind is turning back to the Brexit. My brain finds it difficult to reconcile the ingenuity and cooperation of hundreds of people that created Finding Dori with the folly and frailty of human cooperation on display in Britain.



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