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Django Unchained

No Comments 8 May 2013

Django Unchained

The first and last Tarantino film that I saw was Pulp Fiction. There was a deeply sadistic streak in his movie making that revolted me. I found his glorification of murder deeply troubling.

But in human affairs, a rule is not a good rule unless you break it when the times call for it. Tarantino’s foray into a Spaghetti Western with Django Unchained made me stop my two-decade-long boycott of the director. Let’s be clear, Tarantino has not changed. He still loves to show you in endless killing, blood spraying all over the place. Life is not sacred in the Tarantino universe. But in this film violence is used to show you the brutality of slavery.  And because he is wrapping the plot into a comedy, the sordid killing loses much of its distasteful sting. Indeed, at the end of the film Django whacks many people.  This final shooting scene is so over the top that you have to laugh. So all in all the film is worth seeing.



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