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Demolition, Mr. Right, Everybody Wants Some

No Comments 9 April 2019

Demolition, Mr. Right, Everybody Wants Some

On a recent plane ride, I watched three films. Demolition, Mr. Right, Everybody Wants Some. Demolition was the best among the three. It tells the story of a hardworking man on Wall Street who on his way to work into the city has car crash in which his wife is killed. As he is mourning his wife’s death, he is learning that his wife unbeknownst to him was not happy in their relationship. He now starts to demolish his old life to find out why.

*Mr. Right* is at times funny. It turns out Mr. Right seems so wrong when the girl finds out that the clown she is dating also has side job where he is assassinating other people.
*Everybody Wants Some* takes you back to the 1980s college scene. You know what they want.  This is Mr. Linklater’s follow on movie to *Boyhood*. You can skip it.



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