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Brief Notes on Holiday Movies

No Comments 30 December 2012

Brief Notes on Holiday Movies

The Bourne Legacy. Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) does not show up in person in this film. Maybe that is why it was received more poorly than the previous Bourne film. The film was actually entertaining. Total Recall.  In this futuristic film only small portions of the earth are still inhabitable.

The UK and a colony “Australia.” When the hero goes to an organization that sells the implanting new memories, things start to go very wrong.  Celeste and Jesse Forever. Celeste decided to break up with Jesse but the soon-to-be ex-husband still lives in the garden cottage and the two are always together. When Jesse starts dating a new woman, Celeste starts regretting her decision to break up with Jesse. Die Kirche bleibt im Dorf” In this German comedy, two small towns in Southern part of the country fight over selling their joint small church to an American who believes the church hold a valuable treasure that is worth 50 millions. Mildly funny.



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