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Enchanted by The Hunt for the Wilderpeople, I rented Taika Waititi’s earlier film Boy. It is not as mesmerizing as the The Hunt but it still a tour de force of creativity.

The film focuses on childhood and growing up. More specifically it traces how we as children turn our parents into heroes and gradually come to terms with their flaws. Boy is the oldest child of man who is in jail. The wife died giving birth the second child. Both kids now live with their aunt and a brood of other children in a poor area of somewhere in the countryside of New Zealand. The aunt has to go for funeral into the city and is gone for a week. Boy who is about 11 years old now takes care of the other 6 or 7 younger children in the household. Suddenly his father shows up for the first time in years with two other lads he has recruited for his gang. The acting of the boy and is fellow youngsters is spectacular, especially since none of them have acted before. Looking into the face of Boy is pure please until his father cuts of his hair, trying to give Boy more of a Michael Jackson look.

Boy Smile



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