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Before Midnight

No Comments 1 September 2013

Before Midnight

Having watched the two previous films in this series (Before Sunrise and Before Sunset) I wanted to see what has happened to Jessie and Celine since we last saw them in Paris.

They are now in beautiful Greece on a 6 weeks summer vacation and otherwise live in Paris. Shortly after they reconnected nine years ago, they were blessed with two cute twins, Jessie got divorced from his American wife to live with Celine in Paris. For quite some time it is not clear where the film is going. But when they arrive at a luxury hotel, where friends have invited them to spend their first night together without kids, the drama finally starts. About to make love, a phone call from Jessie’s son derails they romantic venture and the relationship seems to unravel before our eyes. It turns outs, Celine is deeply insecure whether she is living her live to her fullest potential and she has build up in herself resentment towards Jessie that is not conducive to a romantic night at a five star hotel. Viewers have giving Before Midnight even higher ratings than the two previous films. I was a bit surprised by that because in my review of the Before Sunset  I wrote a line that I would have not used here: “Before Sunrise is almost perfect.”



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