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American Sniper

No Comments 27 May 2015

American Sniper

Not everyone was happy that Clint Eastwood made a film following a very skilled American navy seal, Kris Kelly, on his four military tours of Iraq.

Eastwood was accused of glorifying killing.  Kelly is so good at hitting targets at long distances that he becomes the most successful sniper in US history. If you have seen other films about the Iraq war, the scenes of American soldiers roaming through dusty cities, always in danger of getting blown up, feel familiar. What is different in this film is the focus on one individual soldier. Kris Kelly saves many lives of Americans soldiers by killing Iraqis. Eastwood’s goal was to honor the memory of a soldier who served his country and his military comrades well.  When I read about the life story of Kris Kelly, I picked up wrong ideas what happened to him after he returned home. In fact, I was dead wrong.  So the ending of the film came as a big surprise me. It was moving. But was it worth 130 minutes of reliving the Iraq war? No.



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