Science Diet Canine Food

7 March 2004

For some people going on a diet used to be a frightingly solitary affair. Do not despair! The end of solitude is here. Thanks to the Science Diet company, your dog can now go on a diet with you. This is a barrier-shattering moment in the relationship between the canine and human races. Canines finally are no longer treated as inferior creatures. Too long have they been discriminated against in terms of equal access to modern dietary and health products.

The mission of the the Science Diet Company is to produce only the best products for your dog. Its promotial materials make this clear:  “Nutrient control is the basis of all Science Diet products. Science Diet dog foods are specially formulated to provide proper nutrition specifically for your dog based on age, activity level and physical condition.  Does your dog have ‘Special Needs’”?

You can buy Science Diet Dry Dog Food and Science Diet Canned Dog Food at ePatPals.com.



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