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When the Levees Broke

21 January 2007

image Spike Lee is no Ken Burns. His

The Major of New Orleans (Ray Nagin) and the governor of Louisiana (Kathleen Blanco) blame the Federal government for everything, but it becomes quite apparent that they are not completely without fault for why New Orleanians suffered so much.
Lee does not have the guts to ask the tough questions that any impartial person should ask: Can all parts of New Orleans be made safe with levees so that the city will not be destroyed again or should people receive big subsidies to move inland? I would have liked Lee to ask the Berkeley engineering professor, who provided the chief scientific report a why the levees broke, whether the city should be rebuild at all with federal money. If the house I lived in all my life and love is destroyed by a flood, I am not the best witness to answer the question whether it is safe to rebuild the house on the same site.  Lee



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