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10 January 2010

imageEven by the standards of the recent fall of Tiger Woods, Michael Jackson is in a class by himself.  He went from the biggest star on the planet to the erratic weirdo who could never fully shake the suspicion that his love for children went a bit too far when he routinely invited kids over for sleepovers to his ranch Neverland Unable to control is profligate spending habits, MJ stared bankruptcy in the eye. Many commentators believed that he had signed the contract to give the 50 plus live concerts in London to regain his financial solvency.  In the weeks before the first concert date, rumors were flying that Michael Jackson was not healthy enough to survive the live show marathon in London. Suddenly MJ was dead even before a single concert took place. This is itchronicles the preparations for the London concert.  The film confirms the theory that his doctor’s negligence caused MJ death rather than the strains of preparing for the concerts.

MJ looks fit during the meticulous rehearsals for his comeback show. The film is a wonderful last word on the life and work of MJ because he comes across as the talented entertainer that catapulted him to super stardom in the 1980s. For all the MJ fans who with pain had watched him become a joke, this film reminds you why you became a fan of MJ in the first place. For the new generation of music fans who did experience then 1980s, the film will introduce you to a remarkable musician.  The handlers around Michael Jackson made a smart move to release this behind the scenes film as a major motion picture. In death, MJ regained control of his own story. This is it.



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