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Rocky Mountain Express: An IMAX Experience

8 September 2012

image Canada was formed in 1867. Four year later the colony British Columbia, which was in financial trouble, joined the confederation. The confederation promised British Columbia that it would pay for a railway link between Vancouver and Ontario. Building a railroad through the Rocky Mountains was an engineering feat. This documentary film tells the story how the railroad was built and how it made Canada into a viable country.  A few years ago, the Canadian Pacific railraod restored a steam locomotive. The director, Stephen Low, had to good sense to use it for a film.  He has wonderful job stripping Imax 3D cameras onto the train and filming the steam locomotive from helicopter and other places so you feel like you are travelling from Vancouver to Banff. The pictures are so extraordinary that you feel as if you are the conductor of the train.  After watching the film, one wants to do this trip not just in the movie theatre. In turns out there is a 2-day tour from Calgary to Vancouver running in the summer.




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