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Barcelona, Spain

11 July 2006

image Flashback: Entering the visitor center of the Temple of the Mormon Church in Salt Lake City, I was greeted by two young believers who welcome everyone with a warm and open heart. imageI could sense right away why this religion is expanding vigorously: It is offering you a family and community feeling that promises to shelter you from the impersonality of modern life. We really would like you to join, Peter.  We have been waiting for you. This is the spirit conveyed methodically. Entering the Cathedral in Barcelona I am not greeted by a human being but rather by picture of the cold bureaucracy of Roman Catholicism. image If all the Church of Peter can tell when you come to visit is that must not show too much skin, it is no wonder that people in Europe are turning their backs onto the church. The spirit of Jesus has been driven from this house.  The dark and tall cathedral feels like a Mausoleum and I am glad when I am out on the street again, going for a walk along the architectural marvels of the boulevard Garcia. Barcelona resonates me much more deeply with me than Madrid. Why not live in Catalan city by the sea for a while?




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