Flake’s Speech


Flake’s Speech

No Comments 24 October 2017

WSJ: Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona announced Tuesday in a speech on the Senate floor that he wouldn’t stand for re-election in 2018, citing sharp differences with both President Donald Trump and the direction of the Republican Party. Here is the text of his speech, as provided by his office.
PM: This may become a historic speech and hence I repost it here from the WSJ.

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No Comments 22 October 2017

Whiplash preceded LALA Land in the creative collaboration between the writer/director Damien Chazelle and composer Justin Hurwitz. An aspiring drummer meets a hard driving foul-mouthed teacher at the best music school in the USA. You feel like getting lashed for most of film.

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No Comments 8 October 2017

What a story amazing story from India! Rarely was I so moved. A five-year-old boy insists that his older brother take him to his secret night work. They sneak out their mother’s house but before long the little boy is too tired to continue on. So the older brother leaves the younger brother behind at a train station and tells him not to move until he is back. When the little brother wakes up and his older brother has not returned and he starts searching for his older brother.

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Sara Bareilles - Gravity

Added on 2 July 2017

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