Definitely, Maybe

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Definitely, Maybe

No Comments 2 March 2017

Definitely, Maybe offers some new ideas for how to create tension in the romantic comedy genre. As always boy and girl cannot make up their mind who they want to be with. But the story is told in a different way. Our boy just received his divorce papers and is about to sign them. His 8-year-old daughter wants to know why it did not work out between her mom and him. She forces him to tell his story going back to when he first moved to NY City. If you are a romantic comedy fan and want light fare for an evening, this film is for you.

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Manchester by the Sea

Movies, Drama

Manchester by the Sea

No Comments 12 February 2017

This wonderful film deals with an intriguing question: how do you deal with something that one can never truly recover from?
Casey Affleck gives a stunning performance. If I were a voting member of the Academy of Motion Pictures, I would vote to give him the Oscar for best male performer in a leading role. Do not miss the chance to see him enact the role of the movie’s hero, who is trying to cope with something terrible that we only gradually understand.  The film manages to mix comedy with tragedy and offers a great night out at the movies.

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Red Dog - True Blue

Movies, Drama

Red Dog - True Blue

No Comments 28 January 2017

This prequel of the funny Red Dog disappoints. It has a very weak story. The original Red Dog was based on an amazing true story written up in a book that even the best fiction would have difficulty matching. So the screenplay writer, Daniel Taplitz, had a relatively easy time. But in this prequel had no true story to base the script on and Daniel Taplitz flounders badly. The story and its turns feel contrived. Again the dog is cute and the cinematography of the outback is beautiful. But that is not enough. Go see the original Red Dog and skip the Red Dog - True Blue.

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